Not-yet-released games hype thread



Wow. The lushness of the forest really feels out of place. The ambient sounds especially. I don’t quite remember if the original had this kind of audio fidelity but i’m fairly sure it didn’t and my recollection of it doesn’t either.

Really not feeling this remake. It’s strange to be experiencing this game as it’s released to a context of high care for technical fidelity when the collective memory of this game seems to specifically dissuade this heightened awareness for graphical detail, even though i know that the original game was a technical wonder when it was released, too.

Overall i’m still left with the general feeling that this version is taking more out of the experience of the game than it is adding to it. But i guess that’s inevitable with all kinds of rereleases.





FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE on STEAM® will include all of the modern advancements and features available in the PlayStation®4 version, such as latest-generation visuals, a remastered soundtrack, new Speed and Trial modes, fast forward function, and many other enhanced features. The following new features will also be added for PC users:

  • 60FPS - Ivalice will look better than ever with the game running at 60FPS
  • Compatible with 21:9 ultra-wide monitors - Up to three HD monitors can be used for a potential 48(16x3):9 experience
  • New Game Plus and New Game Minus - Post-game content modes are now accessible from the beginning of the game
  • Three background music options – The original, re-orchestrated and soundtrack versions are now available from the beginning of the game
  • Maximized License Points and Gil - New functionality added to grant players max License Points and Gil from the configuration screen
  • Full controller support, Steam Trading Cards and more to optimize the PC player experience






I won’t have time to play it this month. Hopefully it will have dropped in price when I’m ready for it.


It’s 30 europas here, just about what I expected.


It’s €36 here which is cheaper than what I expected.


Just wait until a good deal pops up.



Odd that they would add a CG section to the video trying to look like gameplay:

It has the Killzone infamous E3 demo look lol.



I’m very into it. I’m just sad that shorty’s too much of a wuss to play it.


thats when you bring that dom personality out and make her play and follow instructions