Nintendo Switch


Should we change the thread title? Is there any hype to be had anymore?


Eurogamer | Nintendo Switch won’t have any video apps at launch




Oh dear.


Yep, seems like a mode to try for the novelty and never return to.


Eh, fuck it. I’m still going to buy it. Like a sucker, I have always been there day one for new Nintendo console launches. Anyone else buying it at launch?


I’ve never bought a nintendo console at launch.

I’ve owned an NES, a N64, a Gamecube, and a Wii U.


I was going to get one, but I’m too busy getting my new house in order. I want to start by hooking up my other consoles before I buy anything else.

The price of this thing is really staggering compared to what you can get a XB1 or PS4 for these days.



The difference between me and you is that I wouldn’t miss the chance to say “I was going to get one, but I’m too busy literally getting my house in order.” in exactly that way.


I have been day one with the Gamecube only. Not getting the Switch anytime soon but I am still open to the idea (of getting one eventually) if things quickly improve. I’m glad to see the UI being decent at least.

It would be great if you can write your impressions Leo.


Sure. I’ll write an impression.

It’s unacceptable that Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 are the only high profile games releasing this year, unless Mario Odyssey makes it for a Holiday 2017 release. Although, that’s not the point, since there is a significant drought in great quality Switch games in 2017. Putting aside the fact that awful console launches have been quite common, the Dreamcast had several great games that released in the same year the console launched. Even if the software lineup on the launch day of the Dreamcast was as bad as Switch’s launch lineup, Sega would have still most likely released many of those games throughout 1999.

Nintendo and their third party partners should be striving in releasing 5-10 high quality games in 2017. Between first party and third party developers, that should be an attainable goal to set for themselves. I wonder if there was troubled planning and development during the production of Switch. Perhaps Iwata’s death affected their work on Switch.


I saw people lining up for the Switch today. Pretty surreal, especially since you can still order a launch console online.



Aw, now I want to buy one again.


Not really, anywhere in the US is out of stock for pre-order.


Pre-orders are supposedly high in Sweden too, but you can still order one from several of the larger retailers. I don’t think it will go out of stock at its current price point here.


I’m at a bit of a loss as to why it’s selling out everywhere. Hardly any games. I can only guess it’s because of scalpers.


I think you’re missing the nexus of handhold gamers and tv console gamers that this device caters to. Sure it isn’t the best in either world but for anyone that cares about Nintendo it is the console to get.

The Wii U was a flop and more people probably ignored it waiting for whatever was next.