Nintendo Switch


Nintendo are the most egregious artificial supply constrainers in the business.


The Switch isn’t a replacement for the 3DS. Nintendo has said that, and the performance of the hardware appears to bear that out.



It’s an upgraded Magnavox Odyssey.


Well, I’m an idiot. I chose the wrong store location when I preordered the Switch on the Best Buy site. It would take roughly 40 minutes to get to the store I mistakenly selected. I cancelled the preorder. Not a big deal. I was on the fence on buying it anyway.


Probably for the best



There has been tons of impressions on the net.

Some important details make me happy and hopeful:

  • You can activate and deactivate an account yourself
  • Your account can be used on other consoles as long as they become active
  • The UI is quick, snappy and pleasant on the eyes
  • Taking in-game pictures is quick and easy
  • Indie support appears to be strong from the get go
  • Region free games and eshop
  • The screen quality is great
  • and switching between modes takes seconds and as good as advertised

However, new details (along with already known issues) also make me face palm and become worried again:

  • No digital manuals like the Wii U and 3DS
  • The Switch getting scratched by the cradle thing
  • Friendcodes are still used and you can’t send messages
  • Basic apps such as browser and netflix are missing
  • The Switch lacks its own Streetpass, Miiverse, gameplay log or its own unique features
  • While the UI is pleasant, it is very empty, quiet and lacking
  • 32gb storage
  • Where is the third party support?
  • No d-pad
  • Nintendo being cheap*

I have been feeling this a lot with the last point. How can games miss digital manuals or through basic browser versions? We went from physical to digital to nothing? If you want a d-pad (which should be standard as it is needed for certain games) you have to pay 70 for a pro controller. 32gb is laughable. Especially how it was apparent that it was a bad idea with the Wii U. I’m guessing the UI is lacking because they want to sell paid themes, just like the 3DS. These and more examples just make me feel like the Switch was designed to fleece money at every turn. That doesn’t make me feel good.



Do we have any Switch owners here by now?


Not yet. I saw it for the first time today and it looks very nice. A guy was playing it at a trendy cafe and he looked really happy with it.


I want one but they aren’t really available around me other than scalpers. I keep tabs on potential inventory and check craigslist but trying to avoid paying scalper money.


Here, they were only unavailable briefly the day after launch. About half of the big retail chains still have it in stock. It must be selling pretty well though since I’ve seen it go out of stock multiple times before getting restocked again.

The NES Classic on the other hand hasn’t been available since its launch. At this point I don’t think it will ever come back.


This is good news for me. When I eventually buy a Switch it will likely ship with an improved revision of the JoyCon.



Well that’s good. Now work on the issue of releasing more games.


I still haven’t seen Switch stock in shops. I would like to think that it’s because it’s Nintendo. This is something I have never experienced before.


I bought a Switch for Spla2n. It’s way thinner than I realized.


Did you play the first Splatoon? I was considering picking up the sequel but I’m not sure it is worth it since I’m mostly interested in single player.


Yeah, I played a lot of 1. I never beat the sp campaign because mp was so fun.