Nintendo Switch


Genuinely embarrassed for them.


I’d like to see a comparison with other consoles. How good is that compared to a 3DS and a Wii U?


Undocked this thing is pulling roughly 156 GFlops which is about 10-20 Gigaflops less than the Wii U (which has 176 GFlops).

Not sure what it’s at when docked but it’s not going to be anywhere near even an Xbone, which was underpowered when it was released in 2013.


That’s disappointing. Well, I guess it is still a step up from the 3DS.


Oh, Nintendo. You keep fucking up, and people keep paying you for it.

How’s $10 flappy Mario been doing?


I don’t expect new Nintendo consoles to have next-gen specs anymore, but I still appreciate them for the first-party games and some exclusive third-party games. Nintendo marches to the beat of their own drum.


It’s selling really well. They have already made a ton of money from it, and with the recycled assets it was probably quite cheap to make.


Their stock price has dropped due to reviews though.


I’m excited for the new Shin Megami Tensei, Mario Odyssey and 1-2-Switch. I’ll probably get one at launch, despite the rather weak launch lineup.

I’ll skip the online subscription, unless they can increase its value. Renting a retro game isn’t attractive.


Switch is out one day after my birthday. After seeing the games announced, I decided to preorder Switch on the Best Buy site. $300 is a fair price for what is being included in the box. Mario Odyssey looks fabulous. I’ve wanted a Mario game with sandbox worlds since the Mario Galaxy games. I figured Monolith Soft was going to make a Switch Xenoblade game, but I didn’t anticipate them naming it Xenoblade 2. I like the art style.

As for the other RPGs shown, I’m hoping the Shin Megami Tensei game is SMTV, but it’ll most likely be set in the same universe as SMTIV Apocalypse, so I think that this’ll be a side-story game. The other RPG surprised me because of its graphics; the Bravely Default development team’s Project Octopath Traveler has 32-bit style sprite graphics, and it looks beautiful. I’m curious to know more details about that. Interesting that Suda is making a new No More Heroes game.


Mario Odyssey does look good but I am mostly disappointed with the rest. Launch line-up is disappointing (I can play Zelda on the wii u), prices are ridiculous (did you see the prices of the accessories?), online payment is bullshit, I don’t feel confident with the games shown etc.

Allow me to explain the last 2 points.

I find it funny that they are asking money for online without addressing the problem they have with their account system (games activation and de-activation). Also…the games shown are disappointing considering how the Wii U was dropped quickly. You would expect they have more to show. Many of the games are a continuation from the Wii U. They hardly showed footage with some of the games announced (Fire Emblem Musou, Xenoblade looks early)…I can see them taking ages to tease and release these games like they did with the Wii U games. Third party support also appears to be uncertain and maybe worse than the Wii U. Only Square Enix announced decent games (mostly Dragon Quest). The rest were just names…we don’t know how they look like, when they will be formally announced/released and whether there will be more. Third party seem to be very careful with the Switch based on what they have shown.

My conclusion? I am weary of the Switch and what has been shown. It seems like it can easily be a repeat of the Wii U and maybe worse. The prices they are asking will be a hard sell for casuals and hardcore fans with raised expectations. I am going to wait and see how things will turn out.





I will buy one if this is where their handheld games will live. It’s only a matter of when.


konami still doing bomberman huh



So Nintendo still has no idea what they’re doing, huh

How great would it be if they stopped making hardware and focused strictly on games?


It would be pretty great.

They should stick to what they’re good at, which clearly isn’t hardware design and manufacture, or online services.


what’s the problem?