Nintendo Switch


I like it. I have to respect Nintendo’s innovations in hardware, for better or worse. They never merely phone it in for brand new consoles. The Pro-Con controllers are a great idea. I like the idea that you can play a mini-console anywhere. The portable handheld isn’t quite “portable,” though. It’s more-or-less the same size as the Wii U gamepad. Definitely buying it on launch.




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Switch battery life is rumoured to be 3 hours.



The unit is too large to carry around anyway. I will mostly use it at home and then it’s fine. 3 hours is even enough for my daily commute.


I’m not going use this as a portable, I’ll just use it in that mode when someone else is using the TV, without having to sit in a different room.


My thinking as well, but on GAF, it’s surprising that many people are saying that they would carry it around in a laptop case or similar bag, like a tablet. They don’t want the screen to be as small as, say, a 3DS XL.


I wouldn’t want a smaller screen either. Maybe they’ll release a charge cable for it, so that you can charge it without carrying around the dock.


People on GAF will probably carry it around in their cargo shorts.



Good lord, Nintendo, you should have given us the price, release date and game lineup in the launch trailer or as a separate trailer following the initial trailer. Drip feeding details to your customers from now until March is weird.

Winter is coming up, so more like


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Having a touch screen means that some games will not be playable on the big screen, unless they add a touch sensor to the Pro Controller (similar to what Sony did with the DualShock 4).


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I hope they have several other games lined up for March.


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I dislike Fallon. Nintendo should have brought Switch to Conan’s Clueless Gamer segment. Switch looks great. It seems to be a seamless transition from the tv screen to the handheld.


Who knows if the retail release will be the same, but that’s not the only reason that video is not worth watching. Fuck Fallon for normalizing a fascist.


            Available CPU Speeds     Available GPU Speeds     Available Memory Controller Speeds
Undocked    1020MHz                  307.2MHz                 1331/1600MHz
Docked      1020MHz                  307.2/768MHz             1331/1600MHz

Eurogamer | Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU clock speeds revealed