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I want a twerking and breakdancing emote.


I was in an awesome Party Finder party last night. We ran the majority of the Extreme primal fights, with the exception of Ravana EX, Bismarck EX, and Sephirot EX. Sephirot EX is fucking hard. But anyway, we kept running Leviathan EX and I got a pony drop!

I’m all caught up with the main story quest. Ready for the 3.4 patch, Soul Surrender. Although before I start the new content, I’d like to finish getting all the Midan gear from Alexander.



I love this song so damn much. <3



I’m hyped. Good to hear that Ala Mhigo will have a combination of desert and forest areas. It’s going to be great to stare up at that giant statue in the game, or looking down from the hand. I like that the story is the Resistance trying to overthrow the Garlean leader who is ruling over Ala Mhigo. From what I can tell, the two characters fighting from the trailer are both monks. One of them is obviously the Warrior of Light, but the girl could either be Yshtola or her sister. Pure speculation. On that note, Yshtola might be an Ala Mhigan princess. Not crazy about a level 70 cap. The bit about a complete overhaul in the battle system is welcome. It’s become boring at this point. As for new jobs, while nothing has been announced yet, the consensus seems to be red mage and samurai. Perhaps even dancer. I hope samurai isn’t a tank. :frowning:


That’s probably not Yda. Her chest is too big and she doesn’t have tattoos.


Possible Square is throwing us off by removing the tattoos and increasing her breast size. I think the more likely outcome is that is Yda’s sister because Yda has mentioned that she has a sister, but she can’t be found or something. When Yda left Ala Mhigo to join the Scions, her sister stayed behind to fight for the Resistance.


Also, here are all the details about Stormblood:

  • Stormblood will explore Ala Mihgo
  • Main focus is to regain control of Ala Mihgo from the Garlean Empire
  • 20 years have passed since Garleans have had control
  • Main atagonist to be Zenos Yae Galvus, XIIth Legion Legatus and de facto ruler of Ala Mihgo
  • Woman depicted in trailer to potentially be revealed in future 3.X patch
  • Warrior of Light’s main job in 4.0 is Monk (akin to DRG for 3.0)
  • Area shown in teaser trailer is Rhalgr’s Reach, the HQ of Ala Migho’s main resistance.
  • Multiple new jobs to be discussed at future date
  • Yoshi-P wore a t-shirt of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch, said that was the only hint he’d give at this time [Red Mage]
  • New Level Cap: 70 (for all classes)
  • More actions for each job to go with new cap
  • Revamped battle system to go with new actions
  • Additional Skill System to be overhauled, with skills shared by roles instead of jobs, and can choose from shared role ability options
  • Reassessment of unused/ineffective actions
  • Example used is Dragoon’s Blood of the Dragon buff, where in 4.0 an icon/gauge showing how much time is left will be better visible on screen so players aren’t just staring at the current icon
  • New Areas to be introduced, comparable in size to Heavensward areas
  • Stormblood will be a full standalone game’s worth of content
  • New Primals to be introduced, including known names and all-new original-to-FF14 ones.
  • New Dungeons to be introduced with new battle and dungeon concepts to be introduced
  • High-End Raids to also be added, with possibility of different story depending on difficulty, with normal on odd patches, savage on even
  • New Alliance Raids to be added. Big news, but will wait until Tokyo Fan Fest, but will be, “very, very Final Fantasy”
  • Expanded form of Exploration to be introduced: The Forbidden Land of Eureka (they really like FF3!), something different from Diadem and will expand its own entire area, unique to Stormblood. There might even be Notorious Monsters that only appear once every 72 hours.
  • Eureka may also be used for next set of high-end weapons, akin to Relic/Anima, rather than upgrades in “normal areas.”
  • New Gear and Recipes, including winners of Fan’s Gear Design Contest
  • Item Inventory Exansion (this got the biggest cheers so far), looking to increase “as much as humanly possible.” There is uncertainty in how this will be implemented due to the server needs, and it will be addressed in a future Live Letter
  • A 4th Residential Area to be added. Where? “Sorry, can’t tell ya.”
  • In-game footage of new areas shown
  • Screenshots now being shown of new areas
  • Indications are that Ala Mihgo is crossed via a wall in The Black Shroud, which will be shown in Patch 3.5. Yoshi joked that Dragoon Jump won’t work to scale the wall, but that The Warrior of Light has a lot of practice falling off of things.
  • Ala Mihgo will not be just deserts and wasteland. Forests are also part of it.
  • All areas of 4.0 will be accessible by flying mounts, but there was an indication that it will again by quest-based like in 3.0. At groans from the audience, Yoshi said it will be easier than Moogle Quests.
  • That’s all the information for now from this keynote. More information will be released in other Fan Fests elsewhere, Live Letters, and so forth. “This is just the start.” Yoshi teases he wants to say more everytime the audience cheers, but then he’d be dead and Stormblood wouldn’t come out.
  • Two final announcements:
    1. Changes to Windows version Minimum Specs requirements. Current minimum specs are geared towards components you can’t even buy anymore. So, for the best gaming experience possible, they’ve decided to raise their minimum specs. “If possible, maybe upgrade to 64-bit OS” but they will still support 32-bit. They just suggest 64-bit will be best gaming experience.
    1. End of PlayStation 3 support. This got the second biggest cheers. They’ve been examining numbers and have seen a large migration of PS3 to PS4 so they have decided it is the right time to end PS3 support. To show appreciation to their PS3 fans that helped them get to where they are now, there will be a special FREE PS3 to PS4 upgrade campaign.


WIP of my character! One of my friends is drawing it.






We’ll have to see how it plays but…I could be tempted to switch. Dawg, it forms into a staff! That’s some Bloodborne shit.


Merryyyyyyyyyy Christmas!


Red Mage looks like a dope class. I like the re-imagining of the rapier, and how it can be re-constructed into a staff. Depending on what the other classes end up being (c’mon DPS Samurai), I may be switching to RDM.

Swimming in Stormblood:

I’m not sure how I feel about swimming in an MMORPG. Unlike flying, it was confirmed that swimming will be slightly slower than sprinting in the game, so it may seem boring after a while. Interesting that swimming is being introduced for Ala-Mhigo. I don’t instantly think water when that city-state comes to mind, but in reality, it lies nearby a coast:

I assumed that they were saving swimming for a later expansion taking place in the homeland of lalafells, a group of islands in the southern sea (guessing it’s those islands south of Ala-Mhigo).


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