My FFXIV diary (Leo can post here too, I guess)


Not bad, but it’s no Ralph Pootwan.


I love how random lines end up becoming memes sometimes.




I preordered Stormblood. Early access is out on the 16th. The game officially releases on the 20th. The preorder bonus of the experience earrings are going to come into use while I’m level grinding classes in Palace of the Dead.


It looks cooler than it plays but it is kinda cool to be bulwark against an enormous sword for your entire party.


I’ve been behind. I’m in the middle of the final patch of Heavensward, and level grinding machinist in Palace of the Dead.


I started Stormblood. I stopped playing the main story quest at The Fringe in Gyr Albania, in order to level up pugilist in Palace of the Dead. I’m bringing that to monk 60, then that’ll be my new main for the rest of Stormblood, although I may switch to red mage and/or samurai, depending on how I like those classes. My ultimate goal is to have all combat classes to level 70, but for now, I’m going to settle for level 60, since Palace of the Dead level grinding is good for up to level 60. I’m going to grind floors 51-100 over and over. I have the Ala Mhigan earrings equipped, which give me a 30% XP increase, and with my FC’s XP increase enabled and XP food, that would give me a total 43% XP increase. Pretty sweet.

Post-Heavensward spoilers:

It didn’t occur to me that the leader of the resistance was Illberd, but that would make sense, as he seemed to have gotten away when he was fighting Rauzbahn at the end of ARR. I like how Yd- Lyse looks with her mask off.



Got into this this year, looking forward to SB stuff!


BLM main, btw. Looking forward to falling down the RDM hole, with some AST as my healer of choice.


How does one main in Black Lives Matter?

Wait… I feel a fanfic coming on…


No justice, no peace, that’s how.