My FFXIV diary (Leo can post here too, I guess)


It’s just a duck. I don’t know what to tell you. You know what ducks look like, right?


It was a joke.


Jokes are supposed to funny.


Not the “ha ha” type of joke, but the amusing sort.


All lala raid of Weeping City a success!


The lala gang. I’ll bet I could kick them all like footballs within a time limit of 30 seconds.



I beat Odin (level synced to his level) just barely. He nearly got zantetsuken off and killed everyone, you can hear the animation still playing in the black screen after he dies.


She knows.


Check out this cutie.


Onion Knight?


It does look a lot like Onion Knight indeed




I never understood what those icons mean by the player names.

Also, that’s mean. lol


Mean? Why?

The icons designate a player mentor. The crown type is generic but there’s variations for battle, crafting, and PvP.


Oh, I guess I misinterpreted what was the context of the conversation. I thought they were jokingly telling incorrect information about the game.


Well, I mean it’s obviously just a joke. So yeah, I guess?


Look, it’s me and my friends! I didn’t make this, guild master did.


I don’t get it, but I love Ultima Weapon’s theme, so I’ll continue listening. <3