My FFXIV diary (Leo can post here too, I guess)


I finally got around to watching that video, @DG_Nick. Now I understand how to avoid the rock bombs! It helps that they pop in rows of three, but I forget, the pops aren’t as uniform in Titan extreme, right?


They are, the patterns are just different. The pattern the bombs spawn in on hard has some variation as well. The set you described is the easiest one to dodge.


At first I didn’t really notice any difference but it wasn’t until I compared them that I noticed the sound effects do overwhelm the theme in a couple parts.


The opera-like singing at the beginning can be jarring as well.


FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 2.4 - Dreams of Ice prt. 2

While preparations are being made to chase Iceheart, we meet with some representatives of Ishgard.

Unfortunately, our meeting is interrupted by an attack on a supply caravan containing aether crystals. However, this attack helps us understand what Iceheart’s true goal is.

Yda is helping!

Obviously the best time to have a pow wow is right outside their lair. It’s fucking cold out here!

How come Minfilia gets to grab a coat? That’s some bullshit.

Luckily, Moenbyrda is ready to help us get inside. We can only hope we’ll make it in time. Spoilers: we won’t.

I bet @RpgN will like this one.

What a surprise, we fail! Time for a boss fight.

During the fight she will often drop a hailstorm of icicles on the players, which is dodged by running to any area that isn’t overlapped by circles on the ground.

This part is SO GOOD. She snaps her fingers to freeze everybody and then she shatters them. It’s also when the theme transitions to THE BEST PRIMAL THEME IN THE GAME.

Pretty easy fight overall but I’ll note that around 6:10 Shiva turns the floor to ice. It’s possible to slide all the way into the edge of the arena and freeze, to death most likely.

Lord Haurchefant, you need to chill the F out. We won, that’s all that matters!

Luckily our relations with Ishgard appear to have improved ever so slightly. There’s a few things I noticed in this cutscene that resonate with me a bit more having beaten Heavensward. These characters are a lot more involved in that expansion and it’s obvious to me now that they were thinking about the story in it long before it came out.

God Minfilia, why do you always have to be such a wet blanket. Can’t we just celebrate our victory for a minute?


I didn’t just like it, I loved it. As well as all the cutscenes you brought. Thank you Nick :smile:

Shiva looks very different in FFXIV, though she is based on her vessel. The story seems so interesting and well written.


she lied with what??


She fucked a dragon, John. @LabouredSubterfuge


i can see why the health ministry would want that outlawd


Square tapping into that furry demographic.


I don’t think dragons count. They have scales, not fur.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Recognized a friend on sight (without nameplates on, literally just their character’s face/hair) and we executed the double hug.




I now can remember what they’re called…




You can call them lalas for short, or potatoes.

I was thinking about how I regret not taking pics of the christmas decorations in our house but I did take this one. Where am I?


Next to the moogles?



Man, I have to get back to FF14. :\

At least I’m not paying for the monthly fees and not playing the game anymore. My debit card had been upgraded, and the card number changed, so that disrupted the automatic payment system.



So yeah, some guy casually asked to marry me in the game.