Fall 2015 Anime | That One-Punch Man, he's so OP




I wasn’t ready to start 2nd season but I think it’s finally time.


(Death Parade)


I love that show so much


Death Parade was indeed cool.

The band who sang the OP did a live reenactment of it.


Gangsta still has the best OP in a long time.


9 episodes of NNB in a couple days. It’s healing. There’s no other word for it.


Cute guy :blush:

What’s Death Parade about? Trailer looks interesting.


Basically It’s about a game between two dead people and one of them is only allowed to come back to life.


Wan Pan Mun ep. 11


Nailed it.

This slayed me though


Hey @chapel it seems the images and gifs on this page are getting blurred over like they’re in spoiler tags and then they disappear.

Anyone else getting this?

Edit: actually it’s only happening to Nick and Das’s posts above.

cc: @archnemesis


@LabouredSubterfuge what browser are you using? Does it blur, then just disappear meaning you can’t see it anymore at all?


I have the same behavior from Firefox 42 (Linux). It works fine from Google Chrome, and Chromium.


Yeah that’s what happens. It’s on the latest Firefox (non-beta).


is OPM’s season ending at 12? Might save this week’s ep and watch the 11 & 12 together/


The blurred images and gifs are happening to me as well. I’m using Chrome, but they were also showing up like that on my iPhone.


… it’s supposed to be blurred …


Yeah, they spoilered the images (THank you)

more importantly does this show have only one more ep this season or what?!? Someone answer my question I’m too lazy to personally research!


wiki says 12 eps plus 6 OVAs

saw the first episode and it was ok i guess