Fall 2015 Anime | That One-Punch Man, he's so OP


Full Metal Panic was an alright show. It had its funny moments, but I didn’t find it consistently funny. The Jungle Was Always Sunny, Then Came Guu is an anime series that has consistent humor in it. Golden Boy is another one.



let me tell you one thing

this is coming up to be one hell of a tear jerker


It’s a long, slow burn


not good for my poor soul…


I forgot that God Eater was coming back so I watched one episode today. That’s the only thing I’ve bothered to see.


Hello, my name is Nick. I’ve been anime-free for a year.


you’ve come to the right place


gently rests hand on shoulder

Welcome, Nick.

I, too, haven’t watched anime in quite awhile.


Makes sense that the first good anime I’ve seen in many years comes out and you guys aren’t watching it.


shonen is bottom tier friend

being the best at bottom tier is… well…

have you watched Ping Pong? it’s the true best anime of recent years


Also it’s just kinda like that version of Madoka. I get it man, it’s a good joke, but it wears out its welcome.


what are we talking about


seagulls and tea


When the JoJo Part IV anime starts airing, anime will be good again.


OPM is still going strong. Yesterday was a goddam setup episode, though -__-

Started Dennou Coil today at lunch, because VR reasons. Shit is really good.


Wan Pan Mun is alright. Telegraphs most of its jokes but I appreciate it for existing.


It escaped my notice that JAM Project did the OP. It’s perfect.

Speaking of OnePunches, this is a good OnePunch. Just wanna hold your haaaaaaaaands.


I haven’t watched a single show from this season, that I’m like… I mean, what is even anime?

Oh, I’m going to try to get my dad to appreciate anime, and we’re going to watch Grave of the Fireflies soon. I haven’t seen it before.


I’m all caught up on the latest episode of OPM. This is fun times.


anime was saved and i wasn’t even there to see it


The anime revolution will not be televised.