Digital distribution deals


I’m already on the killing floor.


is it fun? i got the dlc too if ya want it


Wait, there’s a DLC? Is it mass extinction?


nuclear winter


Dirt 3 Complete Edition is free from Humble Store.


well that was unexpected


I can’t imagine that it is selling much five years after its original release. Giving it away might attract new potential customers.



Both Ys and Legend of Heroes are on sale this weekend at GOG.


It’s Tuesday, but for some reason the Black Friday sales are already live.

Plenty of games are on sale at GOG. Bloodlines is only $5.


Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL on sale for both Andriod & iOS.


Have you played the iOS version?


Never owned an apple phone, probably never will.

Based on the reviews, the game more or less requires a controller. You dont want to play this on touch screen. Also it’s not cross-buy for iOS. Tablet and phone versions are separate. Because S-E is greeedddyyy


Then I’ll stay away from it.


I had some bucks in the playbank from my Google rewards, I’ve got a BT gamepad, purchased.


Autumn sale 2016 is underway!

Runs through Nov 29th



Ubisoft is giving away stuff for 30 days. Today “Rayman Classic” us free for iOS and Android.