Digital distribution deals


GOG winter sale is live. Neverwinter Nights Diamond is free during the first two days.



All my favorite Sierra games can be bought for next to nothing at the Humble Store.


Humble Store is giving away Race Driver: Grid, one of Codemasters’ better games, for free for a limited time.


Steam winter sale and PlayStation January sale are live. Several games on my wishlist are 80% off.


Bought Quake and Doom 2. Source ports are the gifts of god.



I picked up eleven games from the Steam sale. That should be enough to last me through Q1 2017.



Humble Bundle is giving away Dirt: Showdown, and you can redeem it on Steam. Don’t wait, it is a limited time offer.


One of my all-time favorite games, the original X-Com, is currently free from Humble Bundle.


This just gave me my 600th Steam game.

I have a sickness. :slight_smile:


btw i have a key for Else Heart.Break() if anyone wants it


Yes, please! I’ve been wanting to play that for a while.


Constructor is free from GOG.


Jump on this. $30 for 60+ games, books, videos, and music tracks. And they’re still adding more.

Lots of good shit.


GOG is having a spring sale with 500+ deals up to 90% off.



GOG has multiple good deals going on right now. Adventure games are up to 80% off, first-person adventure games are up to 85% off, a bunch of action games are up to 90% off, and the pre-order for Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition is discounted if you already own the original.


Saint’s Row 2 is free from GOG for the next 46.5 hours. Other Deep Silver games are up to 75% off.