Digital distribution deals


Humble Sega Strategy Bundle

Green Man Gaming spring sale


Darksiders II

Yeah, John got it. I was posting from mobile and it derped. :slight_smile:


Your post is empty. Did you mean to post the new Humble Telltale Bundle?


all Darksiders for 5 bucks on steam bros


Uplay Spring Sale


There is a bundles sale over at GOG with deals up to 80% off.


Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle. This is cool. I don’t think they’ve done 3DS and WiiU games before.


Only once before and it was awesome. Waiting to see what the bonus games are next week.


Average Steam game sales plummeting - Steam Spy

I wouldn’t be surprised if the average revenue is the same since prices have increased.


Huge anime sale over at Steam


System Shock 2, the predecessor to Bioshock, is free from GOG.


Ended up getting Ultimate Doom and The Banner Saga, and got Spelunky, Daggerfall and Arena for free. All for a measly 7 euros! Not bad!


Limbo is free for a very limited time on Steam. It’s one of the better indie puzzle platformers.


Did anyone get anything from the summer Steam sale?


Eurogamer | EA Origin allows three games out to play on GOG

This is good news. I hope more of EA’s games end up available from other services.


Humble 2K Bundle 2 including Civ 5, Spec Ops: The Line and Battleborn.



There is a Quakecon sale going on, pretty much anywhere Bethesda games are being sold. From Steam to PSN. Up to 50% off.

I picked up Doom and Fallout: New Vegas for 50% off + 10% in addition at Humble store due to monthly sub.


Humble Indie Bundle 17 with Galak-Z, Octodad, Super Time Force Ultra, and more.


There are several great deals available on Origin. Nox is free. I might pick up Syndicate and Dragon Age II.

Edit: Oh, I already own DA2.