Digital distribution deals


Not the best version, but the price is right.


GOG | Blackguards 2, Deponia, Technobabylon and more up to -90%


Free Steam games from SEGA

Now: Golden Axe, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Rabbit, Jet Set Radio

Soon(maybe 80% off?): Streets of Rage II, Binary Domain, Condemned: Criminal Origins



Well, i just learned how to hide games from my steam account.


No one will know you own Huniepop now.


Click the link and follow the instructions to get Binary Domain, Condemned and Streets of Rage 2 for free. All three are good games.


have a 80% coupon for alpha protocol if anyone wants


Bah, the only game I want out of those is Else Heart.Break().




Sunless Sea is supposed to be good.


I already own that, Outlast, Never Alone, and Door Kickers.

Sunless is centered around storytelling and you need to spend a lot of time reading and memorizing details to truly enjoy it. I’ll revisit it in the future when I have less work and I’m not playing multiple other games.


The shoot 'em up Deathsmiles by Cave is free on the iOS App Store.


Else Heart.Break() is super duper good, it’s really unlike anything else and very good at it too


I might pick up the bundle if they add something else that I’m interested in.


All right I bought it




No android, augh



GOG insomnia sale filled with quick lightning deals.