Virtual Reality Thread - Goodbye, Real World.



Hell, It’s about time…


Has anything cool for VR come out this year?


Barely touched my Vive this year after the finace restricted my space in the living room, but I got my space back now so I’ll be booting it up this week, get it ready for a party I’m hosting this weekend.

Rick and Morty VR came out this year, excited to try that.

EDIT: SUPERHOT VR got released for Oculus & Vive! Definitely picking that one up


Yoooooo nice. I know a lot of people been waiting for that. Wondering how it’ll be received when it comes to the west.


It is? I’ve been contemplating getting it ever since it was linked to me a few days ago. I’ve only just interrogated why I’m interested today. I’ve been trying the beta japanese course for Duolingo for the past week and I was thinking interacting with a fake teenage girl would ironically be less embarassing than using something like Rosetta Stone.


Heh, yeah I can see that being pretty cool! Are you learning to speak it, or read/write as well?

Seeing as I just booked a trip to Japan over the weekend for next spring, I want to learn some japanese myself. I went to that duolingo site just now, why don’t I see Japanese as an option?


It’s available on mobile.

I…know some Japanese. I don’t know how many words total but I know I have a decent memory. I’ve been chewing through the lessons even though I’ve never studied once in my life. Half of me is just pursuing this because I want to find out what my current limit is, and the other half wants to know if I can keep going. I think if I seriously want to learn the language, I’m going to have to learn to read and write. I kinda know I’m going about it in the wrong direction, but I’m going in the direction that would keep be most interested and motivated because I know me.


This might be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen.


Ya’ll still playing in VR? Followup: do you still follow VR news?


vr is vdead


I boot up my vive once in a while. Not all that often though, to be honest.

Still follow the news


I’ll wait for the next generation.


Not a bad choice, honestly.


I might have been interested in this if they also announced more games for it.


People keep telling me VR is just getting started, but I refuse to believe the tech will disrupt society in a huge way as smartphones and tablets have. Perhaps decades from now when it’s advanced enough to where it exceeds our expectations, but specifically for gaming, all that has been made are tech demo quality games.




I’m holding out for a new PSVR revision made for the PS5.


I’m really looking forward to trying these standalone headsets, but not too interested in picking them up for myself. Looking forward to gen2 of the consumer Vive, but will probably wait for it to come down in price anyways. I’m still rocking my Vive regularly, and loving it.