Virtual Reality Thread - Goodbye, Real World.



Fuck you, Palmer


I didn’t have any plans to buy an Oculus, but if this is all true it further cements my plans to avoid Oculus.

It is sad that a person that people generally liked and some even looked up to can turn out to be so far off. I won’t fault someone for supporting Trump if they are on the right, I will question their beliefs though. In this case he is said to have done much more than support Trump because he is the rights candidate but looks to be apart of the “alt-right” which is gross. I feel it is a good thing people push against those that openly support and encourage the sewage that is Trump and his supporters.


Palmer said the article about him being a shitpost memelord is a lie, but the writers have the receipts proving he told them.


Go to 1:54.


Palmer Luckey seems like the time of Meme Edgelord guy. See what he wears to demonstrations.


That video scares me a lot



Was just about to share that, been watching for the past hour. Gonna have to go back and watch the first half.

I guess they’ve been having a lot of tracking issues. Consistent with Tested’s issues.

I have basically 0 experience with Giant Bomb aside from their VR live days, and some E3 interviews. But I’m really getting a liking for these dudes.


Makes me reminisce having a GAF account. Love the live discussion there on these days.


Super hyper cube looks pretty sweet.

Also, PSVR making me wish for a Lighthouse-tracked Steam controller.


They’re a shit version of The 1UP Show.


People have such nostalgia for 1UP and I don’t understand why.


Ahead of its time. Personality-based videogames journalism before Giantbomb, before the rise of twitch streamers, before the rise of Youtube personalities etc.



I guess. I’m just surprised people still care.



Before there were the familiar game journalism personalities of Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and Brad (I’ll keep it at the main four), there were the popular 1UP staffers Garnett, John, Shane and Luke. Their podcast was always entertaining, specifically Shane and Luke’s constant arguments when it came to Sony vs Microsoft.


That’s literally what Das said.


But I had to drive home the legendary battles between Shane and Luke.


Also ya’ll are explaining 1up to me, I wasn’t gonna say anything after the first time but you should know that I know what it is. It was fine in its time but no one has followed the 1up show model since. Guess why.