The world of Politics thread


This is very cathartic and funny to watch. I linked to the time he starts going in.


Jarring to see a president put 4 words together correctly in a row.


This is honestly bizarre.


Sad as well


So sad. When he left there, they all had a good laugh.





Children of Men is documentary.


I’ll be voting for Bernie in the primary, but Warren is my #2 pick. I’d be just as ecstatic if she were nominated.


I’d probably vote for Warren if I was allowed to vote.


My heart rests with Bernie, but honestly Warren is looking like the stronger candidate overall. This isn’t a time for blind idealism, this is a time for hopeful pragmatism.


But please god don’t make me vote for Biden…


Also, can we talk about the fact that Rudy fucking Juliani could possibly bring down the entire Trump white house???



there’s taking your ball and going home, and then being so upset that you decide to back trump



Biden got back on top with Buttigieg and Klobuchar throwing in the towels.


I can’t imagine there are people with businesses that are happy with agent orange. He’s definitely losing reelection votes from NY.