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Fire the guy that’s investigating you brehs


It gets cut off and it gets even better after that. I implore anyone, American or not to to watch it. Well articulated and argued statement that resonates very much.

Here is the full video starting at the beginning of this segment


Hahahahahaha, you still believe in logic. Califonia has clouded your mind, your common sense has no power here. These people aren’t even coming to the table to argue in good faith. Their only interest is their own defense.


Thing is, they aren’t the majority as much as they wish they were. So unless apathy strikes again (which it just might :cry:) all of this shit is only going to push congress to the left in 2018 and coming elections.

I don’t care about anyone that voted for Trump and they don’t deserve consideration or sympathy.

I live in a state that overall is still working to make things better for it’s populace. Red states can atrophy to hell for all I care at this point, and they probably will with how their local governments act.


this dumb fuck


Special council led by Bob Mueller taking over the Russia investigation:


The push, then smug look / coat fix / frown face is classic rich guy douchery.

Trump embodies the role so well…


This is the most depressing video I have seen in a long time. The premise is devastating in its simplicity: a collection of clips of news programs and politicians (mostly Republicans) talking about climate change next to a pair of charts showing rising global temperatures and falling Arctic sea ice coverage.


#210 “A bot that puts Trump’s tweets into presidential statement form, which is what they are—presidential statements.” via





This dumb fuck.


What in the magnanimous fuck is this? This is garbage, even for him.


One confirmed death:


If you mean his comment about Charlottesville, I’m sure you noticed him getting even worse than this garbage displayed here.


That and defending Neo-Nazis. List gets bigger every day.



I never finished that article. There’s no room for promotion in temp jobs? No fucking shit, sherlock. That’s why companies have been doing that.