Swiss police arrest Fifa officials in Zurich


Blazer’s testimony in court:


Jack Warner has an ‘avalanche’ of evidence against FIFA despite being completely innocent a few days ago.


The game is officially up, and now Warner has turned against Blatter and FIFA and will probably try to turn himself into a whistleblower. Earth to Jack Warner: you can’t be a whistleblower once the game has already finished you complete cretin. I hope he’s first in the dock.


FIFA paid the Irish FA €5 million to not sue after the Thierry Henry handball goal knocked them out of the Euro Qualifiers.




The question is whether it was a bribe or an out-of-court settlement.


It’ll be a pre-action settlement in all likelihood. Not uncommon.


Russia and Qatar could lose the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively if evidence emerges of bribery, leading Fifa official Domenico Scala has said.




Good, fuck those countries.


Come back to the US. This is the WC where we will beat the Germans, and win the tournament. :nods:

Soccer is cool here now.






Resign, run for presidency again, and then win.

Not a bad plan!


FIFA film United Passions becomes lowest grossing movie in US history with $918

sensible chuckle


BBC | Fifa arrests: US asks Switzerland to extradite officials



Worth it for the GIF alone.


Lol… looks like he wanted to eject out of there sharpish