Summer 2015 Anime | GT wasn't even its final form


i think you’d like it midtrang you should watch it


Tried the first episode a while back. Not my thing


Try Love Live!


I’m really just not into idol culture


I’m neither to be honest (Perfect Blue did its job), but frankly i’d rather watch an anime about people at work than an anime about people in school. IM manages to get a lot out of putting its characters under professional stress which is refreshing.


i also hope this show makes me watch more animu, I’ve been slacking a lot and ended up missing a lot of stuff

btw no kyoani next season either huh…


No cooking anime this week, eh? That makes me sad


Food Wars is definitely a headphones only show.


Me before a boss fight.



How the fuck do you snatch misery from the jaws of happiness.


Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei Herz! ep. 10

Hey what, that’s Shirou’s voice! You aren’t going to explain that, guys?! Why does this have to be the last episode! ;_;

Oh well, at least Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei was confirmed and Gil is still alive. No idea who that is standing beside him but I’m excited to find out.


last ep of durarara was just ok
we got confirmation of more next year though at least~


What did you think of SCHOOL-LIVE’s end? Whether you watched it or not.


When is next season starting?


New stuff starts on the 1st.

Actual voice actor too :3


I’ll see if I can manage to make the Fall thread this week. I’ve been busy.


But is there anything worth watching?


Posting here so I don’t forget to catch up on Food Wars.


Has it been confirmed they’re making more Food Wars? recent season ended right in the middle of a competition :c


there’s a new cooking show next season i think