Real Fútbol


Idk, I’d prefer to see him dropped on merit. Trouble is it’s Fellaini replacing him.


Fellaini and Lingard both poor today.
Frustrating to watch Man Utd play as a neutral, can’t imagine as a fan


Benzema banned from the French NT? lol


How in the name in Zeus’s butthole did we not qualify for the Euros?

I want Cocu to manage our national team.


Is Belgium still good?


Yes, very.


Maybe we’ll get lucky.


This is the second time France gets an easy draw. Typical.


Villarreal is no Malmö.


Champions League 2015/16: England get fucked edition

I feel like this year the Europa League is more interesting than ever. Tough draw for Man United :fish:


Is it bollocks. Midytallbsdfbuiosaduf are going to get fucking stuffed provided we don’t have to field an U18 side.


Please stay away from Spain Mou.



What are the odds that Guardiola goes to Chelsea?


Near zero.

From what I’ve heard he’s told United that he’s already made his decision and it’s quite clearly City. Ancelotti as good as already signed for Bayern now too.

Chelsea are getting Hiddink until the summer and they want Simeone.


Guardiola will have a tough time teaching city players to pass to another player. Pep will not tolerate a player such as Mangala. Not for a moment.