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This is gonna be so good on PC.


Other than being forced to use a controller, it looks fantastic on the Xbox One X. Well it does also suck that the HDR is not real, but the game still looks great regardless. 4k is great and 30 fps isn’t that bad, but if PC was available right now that is where I’d be playing for sure.


Is it that HDR isn’t real, or that it’s bugged out? Is this the way they planned HDR to look on the console?


Has more details, but the tl;dw is that it is fake HDR where any bright source is pumped up to whatever the HDR brightness value you set in HDR settings for the game. The unfortunate thing, white in the HUD is also pumped up to that value and on the screen a lot of the time.


I signed up for the beta.


Same. But at least they’re not rushing out an unfinished product…

They can learn some lessons, if not others.


Even if the game is ready it might be wise to hold it back until the negative backlash from Fallout 76 has faded away.



I think Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire will be the last game I will play or let alone complete this year.




After only having played Switch games for the last few months, I was blown away by the graphics. The style and setting reminds me a lot of Borderlands. I’d rather play this than a new Fallout.




Bless Obsidian.


really fun game


holy shit that editing



It’s wild to see people talking about GBF when I know it as a damn gacha phone game


I went in (watching this vid) without expecting much, but I gotta say that looks pretty good. I like the chain link combo stuff.


So? Both this PG game and the ArcSys game look good.