Pokemon Go


I’m curious how they’re gonna handle the 2nd gen. It would be cool if they do something with it, like some kind of event.


Haven’t played Pokemon GO in months.

New 3DS pokemons are awesome though.


I caught a Pikachu with a Santa hat this morning.


What! I thought that was just a loading screen. Fuck, I’m gonna have to go find it now…


Me too.


I also got a baby Clefairy from an egg. I’m now up to 125 caught types.


I just got a magikarp :s

But also more candy for evolving it so…


How do so many fuckers have Dragonites?


I got Pikachu Santa Alter now too, but I’m not sure it’s unique. It counted as a regular Pikachu in my dex.


I now have a Raichu with a santa hat.



Anybody still playing PGO? Wife and I have been playing like crazy since Sunday. This event is bonkers.


I deleted the app half a year ago. After playing Fire Emblem Heroes I felt like avoiding games that require daily efforts.


Yes, very yes actually. I caught a Lugia and Articuno with the 100% catch rate since I live in Chicago. I got a bunch of crazy items for raiding too: TMs that can reroll fast attacks or charge attacks, and rare candies that transform into an appropriate candy for whoever you use it on. The TMs helped fix two pokemon I had that didn’t have BiS movesets, so I’m glad I held onto them.


Jeellllyyyyy. Did you go to that event? We’re seeing a ton of legendary raids around us, but no one’s ever there to raid it. I need more friends


Yeah still playing, what of it?

Didn’t catch any legendaries yet tho :frowning:


Nah, I missed the chance to get the ticket because I lost track of time. Even with the shit show it was, I wish I did for the $100 worth of coins.


Man, if I didn’t have a million things happening last weekend, I may have considered going to Chicago just for that occasion. Regardless, been falling in love with this game all over again. Cracking eggs like crazy.

Thank you Google rewards for free pokemon monies

Also new Gym system is a great improvement.


I need new friends