Pokemon Go


That’s also just me finding it tedious to beat gyms.


I’ve only gotten 10 coins once. Maybe that was from taking over a gym. I agree that gym battles are tedious as hell. There should be some mechanic that also allows for lower level players to engage in battles.



Woo! I got a Snorlax in my first 10 km egg.


Grats on your 10k too.


I got three of them really early in the game. Probably before I reached level 5. Maybe it was easier back then?

Today I got a new one immediately after hatching the one with the Snorlax.


No, I meant walking 10k.


Oh. I love walking and if I had the time I would walk 10 km every day.


Congrats on not getting a fucking Evee.


Don’t hate on Eevee, I was legit excited to get one out of an egg because I haven’t had much luck finding them.


I got all dem tings. Vaporeon is OP.


Eurogamer | Pokémon Go update with buddy feature, Plus support finally live in the UK


I’m using Ponyta :smiley:


Ah, I want one of those.

I’m using a Charmander and I have to walk 3 km for each candy. Seems kinda inefficient.




Two updates in as many days. You now get four times more candies from walking with your buddy, and 50% more candy from catching a pokemon. There is also a Halloween event going on.


My little buddy evolved into a Charizard!


Fuck off.


Caught a Ditto today and I’m up to 121 in my Pokédex.