Not-yet-released movies hype thread


One one hand, I’m really excited for this adaptation of Death Note.

On the other, I’m really worried they’re going to botch the living hell out of the story.




It looks Adam Wingardy as fuck, in the good way




The last Spider-man movie was crap. This looks more promising.

I wasn’t a fan of his role in Civil War though.











I’m not sure if I want to watch that. They’ve already shown a lot in trailers and I don’t want to spoil everything for myself.


Is any of that footage even meant to be in the final movie though?

Edit: seems like no one actually knows atm.


I would think so, it must’ve been expensive to shoot and create.


Or even where it fits (i doubt it plays at the start of the movie) especially since it kinda…hints? displays something interesting at the end there

David lies/protects Shaw and then rains facehugger death on the promethean homeworld? Our beautiful diverse crew then shows up ages later (space travel lulz) to find a dead world and then die horribly. My dick gets hard for deicide


Will be disappointed if either Shaw = Queen progenitor or David = OG Space Jockey.


I’m inexplicably curious about the planet of albino weightlifters. What’s their deal? Will Robo-Niles-Crane bomb them? Why is everyone so mad?