Not-yet-released movies hype thread


If it’s just the movie again…I mean…you could just watch the original movie, again.


I know they’re showing slices of the first movie, visually speaking, but I believe the story is somewhat akin to the 2nd GIG storyline.







I saw what I now understand was a preview for Dunkirk before seeing Rogue One. At the time it reminded me of a Kojima trailer for metal gear, but since it’s a “preview” I guess that kind of puts it into a different class. Personally, it left me cold. I had no idea what it was before I saw it and I still have no idea after. I guess Christoper Nolan is still doing that thing where the movie is only partially shot for IMAX, making me question whether or not that’s just a stylistic choice at this point.

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Well I do love Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudaikus

No im not gonna fix that







Great action scene. I like the visuals and art direction, but less enthused about Scarlett Johansson’s delivery of her lines and the writing. They are passable, but I don’t think it’s enough to be on par with Major from the anime works. With that being said, this is the best Hollywood anime adaptation movie they’ve ever made, so baby steps. Comparing this to Dragon Ball Evolution, it’s night and day. If this ends up being good enough, perhaps we’ll see a renaissance of excellent anime adaptations, with larger production budgets and better writing.


Looks pretty “young adult”. Probably fitting tho tbh.


Oh wow. I didn’t know a trailer was already out for that. I remember hearing about its production being in limbo.


Adam Wingard is a solid dude im sure this’ll be solid.


You’re next and The Guest were both great movies. I have hope!