My FFXIV diary (Leo can post here too, I guess)


That felt more like a vacation commercial. One of those commercials telling you about the features of a specific country.


The Many Expressions of Ilse Shotou vol. 3


I should take some pictures of my character sometime.



Yes, I heard about this! And I’ve seen some of her videos too!


Hey! Let’s talk.

The Gold Saucer

So they released a casino-style area called The Gold Saucer a little over a month ago. I’ve done most of the events and mini-games now, generally events are fun but mini-games aren’t worth your time. My favorite of the events is the one where you look at an NPC and find the one other NPC that looks exactly like them. It’s not like they’re telling you to use your phone but it’s probably a good idea. It’s fun to look up and compare all the NPCs to the picture I took of the one I’m trying to match. There’s also a daily and weekly lottery, I’ve yet to win the big prize from the daily but I’ve gotten the 2nd best prize a couple of times. This week I managed to get one number right on the weekly lottery for the first time, paid out almost as well and the 2nd best prize for the daily version. There’s also a card game and chocobo racing, but I haven’t checked out either too much. The card game is a little too pay2win for my tastes, except you aren’t actually allowed to pay2win. Thankfully they nerfed it in the latest patch and it does seem a little better, but it’s not my focus right now.

The Main Story

With Garuda defeated, my next task is to take the fight to the imperial army. They demonstrated a new superweapon that’s basically just a metal gear. Unfortunately many of my group, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn (our organization specializes in defeating primals like Garuda), were captured by imperials. We find out that they’re being held at the fortress Outer Heaven Castrum Centri and that I need to disguise myself as an imperial soldier to get them out.

I forgot to mention that FFXIV has a Cid too, he’s even of the same ethnicity as the imperials. A true imperial is a garlean which basically means they’re human but they have a third eye on their foreheads. It appears that a fair amount of the imperial forces are actually subjugated races, made to serve or their lands burn. Imperials are bad news, plain and simple. Their superweapon destroys primals (which is good, technically) but they also plan to use it to help subjugate the whole of Eorzea. The big problem with that (among many) is that it’ll will end up destroying the world because Primals feed on the desperation of their subjects. Pushed too hard, the Ultima Weapon won’t be able to stop them and the world will be ravaged by the primals. This is a serious threat which causes the three major cities to reform their alliance in order to take it down.

And then the leader of the Scions, Minfilia, says what I’ve been thinking since the beginning of the game.

Even the bad guys think so too, this one in particular personally betrays you. This is Lahabrea, unmasked. He’s the reason almost everyone in your group gets captured or killed. To me he’s been the main antagonist, he’s had his hand in a lot of pots. Just about every enemy I’ve faced, he was involved somehow.



Not a particularly interesting event TBH, though the quest line was a little cute. The main organizer of the event has a prophetic dream and the event coordinators secretly work together to realize it without her knowledge. They go as far as to recruit a spriggan monster like the one she sees in her dream and have it copy the actions she dreamt it took. They also dig up the strange eggs she sees in her dreams. She finds out in the end it but it turns out it’s really just a surprise birthday party and then they laugh about the day’s events. It’s a really strange 90s sitcom scenario. After everyone disperses, you’re approached and told that all the eggs that were dug up were actually all ancient bombs and the prophecy was real all along! It really IS a 90s sitcom scenario!

That said, the main draw of the event for me is that whenever I find myself in town, I try to hang out by event coordinators so I can listen to this theme.

The Main Story

It sounds a bit like an ME1 theme!

I infiltrated another garlean fortress last night. And by infiltrated, I mean I blew the fucking front door down and marched through.

The boss of the place is named Livia Sas Junius. Nothing to it but to say she’s one tough bitch. She casually kills one of her subordinates and tortures Minfilia, although she merely beats her up, it’s not real torture.

The coolest thing about her is that she appears to be missing an eye!


Rhitahtyn, Nero, Livia, and Gaius are all badass characters. They are ruthless and have impressive armor design. Square Enix was always good about creating marvelous-looking armor.


Some gifs, even if @RpgN might be gone for good this time.



What’s the achievement for?


It means I completed the main scenario. I was planning on making a post about it later today.


Now you can join the rest of us in frustration, doing tome and allied seal farming for better gear.




Should I not? I’ve been posting with the assumption that you weren’t going to play anymore.


Oh, by all means do post, i was just thinking about the trophy. Even if i do one day manage to play this i don’t have any trouble with being spoiled, which i really only care about in very few situations.


Hm, I never gave this game a lick of my attention since it’s an MMO, but it looks quite intriguing. Anyone got a good video that might sell me on it? Preferably with an overview of the gameplay.


I dunno. Does the thought of an MMO fully controllable with a pad interest you? How about the ability to switch your class/job at will and retain all your levels? Do you like crafting? This game has the best crafting system I’ve ever seen. The character creator is also extensive, there’s like 14 different voice options per gender too. There’s a fair amount of voice acting and cutscenes, but not all of cutscenes are voiced. I think the general rule is that if it’s a Main Scenario quest, then it mostly likely has voiceover.

But what I like most is how the game treats the player. I’ve never played an MMO where it feels like you’re important before. In FFXIV, it’s your story that matters. Sure there are other adventurers, but for the purposes of the story, you’re front and center.

That said, I mean it is an MMO. It has the holy trinity. You’re doing dungeons and getting loot. You’re probably going to kill five of this and get three of that. I feel like they put a lot of care into the quests even if they don’t break the mold as far as mechanics. Context matters to me and if you tell me you want me to kill seven wolves so no one has to experience what you did, one for each severed body part of your fiancee’s corpse, then I’m gonna go out there and kill me some fucking wolves.

I’ve even been impressed by the quest log popup, I’m like, lady I ain’t even talked to you yet and I’m intrigued.

Also, every class and job has its own specific quest line and the ones I played through were all pretty great. It’s absolutely insane that they would put that much work into something maybe only 10% of the player base will see (no one is gonna level up more than maybe 2 or 3 classes/jobs, at least probably) but it speaks to the soul of this game. There’s such a crazy amount of polish that you probably wouldn’t find in an American MMO. For example, I talked to my Archer guildmaster, which was my starter class, and she wanted to know what was up with me not being a Bard(it’s the Job you get after leveling your Archer class). There’s literally no reason for them to go back and do that other than the fact that they can. I’d totally be fine with the game being inconsistent and not acknowledging stuff like that because that’s just what I’m used to. I asked her about Archery (you can ask for a basic rundown) and she’s like umm, don’t you know? She proceeds to tell me anyway, but the whole speech is clearly rewritten to reflect the fact that I’m already a seasoned archer. It’s fucking insane.

Anyway, I don’t know if that all convinced you. I tried looking for a video but no one is really like trying to show a close up view of combat or whatever. Give the free trial a try. GAF is on Ultros I think.


I’m on Ultros, Midnight. If you do decide to play, I can help you out along the way.


Sorry Leo, looks like you’ll be forever alone. I meant to make that post about the main story but I forgot. Instead I started working on my Omnilexicanum, the scholar’s ultima weapon. They call it a relic weapon here since there’s already something called that.