Monsutaa Hantaa Waarudo


We keep getting booted in the middle of quests which means you can’t rejoin and I think the monster still retains its 2.6x health bar. It’s a shit show. But the notifications thing is just what MHW does atm. It needs about 10 patches.


It honestly makes you wonder what they’ve been up to for 7 months.


Did some things today. I should probably get new gear.


Which weapons are you lads using?


I started off with sword and shield. But now I’m strongly considering switching because I’m not really using the shield.


I fell in love with the bow and haven’t switched since.


I have tried to explain to shorty how she could maybe be better at the bow and it has now become a huge point of contention in our relationship.


It’s pretty simple honestly. What part of it is she having trouble with?




Show shorty this shit




I’m getting used to the Great Sword.


The Admiral kinda sounds like Batou from GitS.


He is




Did Daora on my first attempt. Not even a cart.


Now to farm some elder dragons.