Monsutaa Hantaa Waarudo


You should probably still fuck off and buy a new GPU tho.


dont you got a 1080 or some shit damn


Getting near 100 fps in most cases on my 1080 ti at 1440p. I have a bit of a weaker cpu so losing on potential top end, but plays great and looks great other than the potato quality textures.


My FPS averages around 70-80 at 1440p.

I sold it for beaucoup money during the mining craze and got a 1070 ftw.


2k/4k is like 5.1 audio to me. It’s against my religion. 1080p stereo is good enough for me.



Absolutely haram



I now have this and am playing it.

I like it.

But it is beyond ugly as fuck.

I would kill for some downsampling.

Allah pls


I agree on supersampling/downsampling.

It looks like garbage mainly because of what appears to be a bug with textures, where we aren’t getting the highest level textures. DF has a video where they show how the X1X has high level textures than PC so it definitely has to be a bug.

Video for reference


Yeah that’ll get fixed for sure.

The TAA is one of the worst implementations of it I’ve ever seen. The game doesn’t recognise Nvidia’s DSR tho and due to me monitor being G-sync 144 hz setting up customs resolutions is a pain.


I switched to FXAA because it actually looked better. The AA in the game is poop unfortunately.



Ya samesies. Sucks.


Captain Oats Rodeo-Ridin’


Any chance I’ll enjoy this game if I hate MMOs and never been able to get into Monster Hunter before?


It’s different from the previous monster hunters so you’re going to have to decide for yourself.

It had it’s hooks in me after 20 hours.


Started playing with shorty. Fuck me this is the stupidest MP system ever devised.


the joys of japanese designed multiplayer gaming


You both doing okay? I keep seeing notifications that you’re playing over and over again.


From what I’ve heard it’s a glitch within steam. My understanding is that it reports it twice.