Horizon Zero Dawn


Multiposting is fine.

I really should get back to this game, or maybe start over since I only played it for about 2 hours.



I wish I liked this game more. I just got bored after a few hours.


Really? The game is amazing! I can understand if you didn’t get out into the open world, but as soon as you do the game just opens up into a true living breathing planet.

The attention to detail is incredible from the volumetric clouds and dynamic weather system to the every wire and cable connecting various parts on the machines.

Art direction is top notch as well, every character’s outfit is fully realized and their facial animations are superb. The (one) city is incredibly detailed and the settlements just as realistic.

The damage models are awesome, every part on a machine has its own weakness and strength and will break off after enough damage. The enemy types are super varied and then you’ve got different human factions to fight as well.

I can’t believe you guys didn’t get into this one! It’s incredible.