Horizon Zero Dawn


Boy oh boy do I not like that tone mapping.


Ofcourse you don’t.


It’s like when someone first uses ReShade and doesn’t know what they’re doing.



Reviews are out. Generally positive thus far.

Jimquisition: Superb 9.5/10
GiantBomb: 5/5
Polygon: 9.5/10
Eurogamer - Horizon: Zero Dawn review
IGN: 9.3/10
Gamespot: 9/10

Digital Foundry



I ended up pre-ordering this and I should have it by Wednesday.


Went into the screenshot thread. It looks stupidly good.


I was planning to play this tonight, but I ended up watching Captain America: Civil War instead. Maybe I’ll give it a try tomorrow.



<img src="http://i.imgur.com/UJmFpIT.gif />


Sweet Jesus that game is gorgeous

Although I have to ask, with the passage of time, did the laws of friction go extinct? People sliding around like the ground is covered in vaseline.


Ignoring the dino robots cause that’s realistic. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are plenty of things I’m willing to leave within the relm of “suspended disbelief”. The laws of physics do not apply to that container.

Unless it’s fun. Then I’ll allow it :stuck_out_tongue:


So my friends got this game and I watching them play for about an hour.

Shit looks goooooddddd. Like an apocalyptic robot dino shadow of mordor with AR and sliding.

In a few months, we’re gonna do a console swap so they can play BOTW and we can play Zero Dawn.


It plays well too. I wish I had more time to put into it.


i absolutely love this game. one of my favorite past times is just scrolling through the time of day slider in photo mode and watching how dramatically the landscape changes. i’ll dump a bunch of my favorite screens.




(hopefully you guys don’t take issue with me multiposting, i figure it’d be better for the thread.)
anyways view these fullsize to see how truly amazing they are. guerrilla hit this one out of the park.