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Eurogamer | Final Fantasy 15’s story is being patched


That’s funny. They are changing the game’s story with a patch post-launch! I’m no where near chapter 13, but I’ll keep that in mind as I’m playing. Hopefully it’s added before I reach that point. The updates of other playable characters and avatar characters are interesting. Why didn’t they allow us to do the former prior to the game releasing? Can it also be chalked up as time constraints?


It took me three evening to watch Kingsglaive. Although visually impressive it wasn’t a good movie. I hope most these characters aren’t in the game.


Yes, the anime was a big surprise. If only the game’s story was more like it. Based on what I’ve heard, the game’s story is disappointing.

Despite that though, I wish I had a PS4 to play it. Btw Arch, it seems you didn’t wait for it after all :upside_down_face:


The first half of the game amounts to a road trip, exploring the different regions, and stopping by various pit stops and outposts. During this time, it still ends up being enjoyable, surprisingly enough. I wish they had created unique scenarios while Noctis, Gladios, Prompto, and Ignis were traveling, instead of side quests like “go kill x monsters for me” or “bring this item to x.”


Indeed. The story and plot is very thin. Without the anime and CGI movie there is no backstory or motivation for the road trip. I’ve now spent 5-10 hours roaming around doing sidequests and hunting packs of enemies. The NPCs you meet will hand out new quests, but so far I haven’t encountered anything memorable.


Eurogamer | Final Fantasy 15 is getting a free update that bolsters one of the game’s best features


Are you guys still playing the game?


I took a break to play The Last Guardian. I prefer sticking to one game per console, especially now with the PS4’s suspend/resume feature.


Yeah I am, but I took a break from it. I’m on chapter 3, and I’ve been doing side quests and hunts. I’m in Lestallum right now, and I just saw the date scene between Noctis and Iris.




I’ve read that the game will be changed a lot to make the last chapters better. While this sound good for someone like me who might play the game in the future, I feel bad for the fans who played and completed it…


I beat it. Final play time was 75 hours, and my party is level 92-93. My play time is now 92 hours after spending lots of time doing side quests that I ignored. I’m no where near doing everything. There are many optional dungeons hidden throughout the world. That’s not including all of the hunts that can be done as well.

All things considered, I enjoyed it, but I have strong reservations about the pacing, story elements, and unclear character motivations. It’s funny because what the FFXV team did with this game was swapping the linear and open world structures. In FFXIII, it is linear during the first half, and open world in the second half. In FFXV, the open world is in the first half, and it is linear in the second half; however, you can definitely do a lot more in FFXV’s open world, in comparison to FFXIII’s open world.

Still, the substance of the content in the open world is largely boring. Most of the collectibles end up being healing items, the side quests are fetch quests for the most part, and even the hunts get old after doing so many of them. All of the dungeons have been great, though. I was impressed by them. The best thing about doing dungeons is listening to the banter that the party says to each other as they’re exploring. Arguably, that is the best aspect of the game.

Aside for the camera behaving erratically at times during combat, I liked the battle system. It takes some getting used to for the first couple hours, but over time, you will become proficient at fighting, and developing your own strategies at tackling enemies. Warp strikes still feel so satisfying, and the further you execute it from an enemy, the better. I didn’t use the Armiger weapons very much because they sapped away at your HP as you used them, but I believe it becomes a less of an issue much later on when you have enough HP to deplete. The magic system, too, I didn’t mess around with a whole lot. The particle effects look wonderful.

The criticism involving chapter 13 is valid. It dragged for too long, and while I understood what it was trying to invoke to the player, it overstayed its welcome. It took me more than an hour to get out of that research complex. I liked that it felt like playing through a survival horror game because Noctis was by himself, only brandishing the Ring of Lucii, and fending off the ghoulish test subjects. You were given the option to hide from them as well, but it was easier to use the Death spell on them. And, holy shit, the Alterna spell had the best particle effects in the game. Whichever people were responsible for that need to be promoted. Throughout this entire ordeal, Ardyn was mocking you throughout your trek in the building. That was a nice touch.

Chapter 9 was another section of the game that completely floored me. I’m conflicted about that part because, while it’s an extraordinary spectacle to watch unfold, it also looks really fucking silly when you consider that Noctis is flying around like a DBZ character, and I believe that you can’t actually lose the fight against Leviathan. Unfortunately, I already knew that Lunafreya was going to die, but I didn’t know how, so it still came as a surprise to me to find out how it was going to be carried out.

The final boss was unlike how FF games concluded. To start with, it was odd to be fighting Ifrit as the boss before the final boss. That fight was fucking wicked. It was a traditional boss fight, with the party fighting him, and it was pretty challenging depending on what your levels were. The final fight with Ardyn was where it deviated from the other final boss fights in FF games. It was a one-on-one battle between Noctis and Ardyn, and it was simple, with some quick time events sprinkled in.

I thought the last campfire scene was beautifully done, and Noctis’ English voice actor did a phenomenal job conveying his emotions in Noct’s speech. Yet another strange conclusion to an FF game is that the whole party dies. That is perhaps the strangest decision to make as the development team. I feel like they’ve wanted to do that at the end of an FF game for a long time.

I’m satisfied with FFXV. I eagerly await the character DLC episodes because I’m curious as to which directions they decide to go with them. They are context-sensitive in certain scenes of the main game. You can obviously tell what each of the DLC episodes will be about. They spell it out for you. I would have rather wanted a comprehensive expansion instead, but given the ending of the game, I’m not sure how they would approach that. Perhaps they could make it a prequel expansion about a younger King Regis and his companions when they want on their road trip.


Sadly I didn’t get to read the spoilers but decent impression.

So you decided not to wait for the patches to improve game near the end.


No, because who knows when those will be ready to release. What I’m hoping is that they’ll somehow allow players who have already beaten the game to go back and replay that chapter with the added scenes. Otherwise it’s not fair to them. Of course, I could always look up the scenes on Youtube. I’m sure they’ll be up to view the first day the patch for it is out.



Is it true that this carnival is temporary? And that it will disappear?


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Not buying a PS4 anytime soon, guess I’ll wait on that sweet sweet PC port.[/quote]

MY TIME HAS COME (Next year)


The trailer makes it look like the ultimate version to get. I might be tempted to get my hands on the pc version if I still don’t get a ps4.

Most probably don’t care about the Pocket Edition that was also announced XD I don’t know how to feel about it myself.