Digital distribution deals


We used the computers at school to play that or AoE and tabbed out if a teacher walked by.


GOG summergaming sale is live. Xenonauts, a great homage to the original X-Com, is currently free. New GOG Connect games have been added.


Layers of Fear is free for a limited time from Steam. Apparently, I have already bought it.


I think it was free at one point in the past. That’s how I got it, at least.


Shadowrun Returns Deluxe is currently free.

Also, the Steam summer sale is up.


FUCK how did i miss thisssssssssssss



They had Ruiner in a Humble Bundle Monthly a few months back. I like the aesthetics, but I wasn’t a fan of the gameplay.


Going to give it the benefit of the doubt.


10 years of GOG and they’re celebrating with free games and a sale.


Stellaris seems like it’s always on sale.


Paradox Interactive often discount the base game and hope to earn more on DLC.


I see.


The recent Humble Bundle is pretty good. Subsurface Circular and Wuppo are pretty cool. The rest are fairly known.

If anyone’s interested i have keys for Momodora 4 and SIMULACRA.


Ooh, can I snag that Momo key? :slight_smile:



check pms


Shadow Warrior 2 is free on GOG


Bah! I voted for SuperHot.


I voted for Shadow :stuck_out_tongue:


I also voted for Shadow, because I already have the other two from Humbles.