Digital distribution deals


GOG’s winter sale is live. The Grim Fandango remake is currently free.


Company of Heroes 2 is free from Humble Bundle. If this trend continues then I can stop buying PC games.


Layers of Fear is free from the Humble Store.

World in Conflict is free from uPlay.


Oxenfree is free from GOG. It’s from former Telltale Games staff and I enjoyed it.


Yo I’m kinda worried about all these free games


It has definitely changed my purchasing pattern. I have almost stopped hoarding games from sales. Instead I only get a few select games that I intend to start playing immediately.



I bought a dozen games from the Steam sale. Now I’m set for 2018.


What did you get? I haven’t even touched some of the games I purchased back in October.


I got a selection, of what I hope are quality games, from various genres.

• Cosmic Star Heroine
• Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition
• Doom (2016)
• Firewatch
• Satellite Reign
• Tacoma
• The Age of Decadence
• The Magic Circle
• The Turing Test
• The Witness
• What Remains of Edith Finch
• Xanadu Next


Dude Xanadu Next is tops, legit one of my favorite Falcom games. But, just as a measure of warning, the game is built for the final dungeon.


GOG is giving away a Carmageddon game.


Dead Space and The King of Fighters 2002 are both free at the moment.



The Darkness II is free from Humble Store.


Spec Ops: The Line is free on Humble right now

#457 is free for a limited time.

#458 is free.


Playing that made me very appreciative of how much game development has evolved since then.


I can’t remember ever playing it. I think my computer was too old at its release.