Digital distribution deals


Jade Empire is now free again from Origin. I think it was added prematurely before.


It’s a great game. Don’t miss out.


GOG’s big winter sale is up.

Current deals:

  • 2 different Star Wars bundles
  • Lucasfilm classics
  • The Divine series


Shadow Complex is free for PC (Windows/Mac).


That’s a good price.



Giants: Citizen Kabuto is free from GOG.




GOG | Bethesda catalog is 66/75% off


t-1h for steam sales omg omg omg


My wish list is longer than ever.


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Pretty much everything on my list is discounted except Fallout 4 and XCOM 2. Nothing is really cheap though so I’m going to have to be a bit selective this year.


Humble Square Enix Bundle 3


Picked up Transistor, Shadowrun Returns, and Dragonfall.

Less than 10 bucks total


oh man you’ll love Shadowrun, Dragonfall is probably the best kickstarter RPG so far, though i haven’t played Hong Kong yet


You played Eternity? Did Tides of Numeria release yet?


played pillars yes, numenera isn’t out


well, i was trying out my newly acquired broken age when i found out i can’t even launch the game while in online mode… what a bummer! i hope this problem doesn’t persist