Went into Evangelion blind...



btw did you notice the ost? 3.0 has the best and it’s so criminally underused

interestingly the songs’ lyrics tell a story of their own but i don’t recall who wrote them…


In general I liked the music. Nothing really stood out afaik other than one particularly horrific scene, made all the more horrific for the syrupy, cheery song playing in the background. The subbed lyrics? Oh lord.


EoE has a song like that that you can understand.


Spoilers, obv

A work of demented genius.


eoe did it first and best
this is like playing VLR before 999


Will have to work my way there, Vizzy.


Oh yeah, hot-take.

So I watched them. I think I sort of liked them. And I also don’t think I fully understand them, unless they’re not really meant to be understood (which at present is my suspicion). A lot happens without explanation (especially between films). And the Judeo-Christian iconography doesn’t make any sense past its superficial use. In short, it’s interesting but also a clusterfuck. Has some nice art at times tho. Animation was reasonably good too.


they are sort of awkward in that way, both built on top of the old material and hoping the viewer is familiar with it and then adding new things or variations that feel directed to those who haven’t seen the original material, which is partially why i feel 3.0 is a more successful movie than the other two because at that point everyone is in the same basket, it’s equally uncomfortable and new to both newcomers and old fans

the religious iconography is, well, just that, it doesn’t offer much other than its stylistic value and framing (e.g. the characters are unknowingly approaching a sort of divine intervention in their actions), but it’s part of the meta narrative and for the spectator not the characters


I still can’t believe that anno prioritises gojira over evangelion.

i mean fecking godzirra has how many movies already?


Still looking forward to watching the series sometime (hopefuly soon).


I believe Death & Rebirth are digest movies if you want to go that route.


Rebirth would spoil EoE! Death is worth watching, but frankly only after you watch the show because all it really offers is the editing.


what what WHAT? watch the show first, before everything else.

i’m sure there’s an easy way to watch it online or to torrent it. if you need an XDCC source I can point you in the right direction–though not for the blu-rays


Little late on that one wanda, I’ve watched the three rebirth movies. Liked them a hell of a lot and I want to check out the series.


well, if you want the series, let me know. maybe I can upload it to my old FTP server for you.


GF’s got me covered on that front. Just a question of setting aside the time.


you have a girlfriend who is into neon genesis evangelion?

i married too soon. i settled. shit


I’ve seen her folder. The rebuilds, eoe, the TV show, Mangas, artwork… it’s a marvel.