The world of Politics thread






California, NY, Minnesota. Such great states and great people.


Straight fire.


Beautifully told. Though I do think it is jumping the gun a bit. Let’s hope Trump finds a way please the people who believe in him and change as a better person. Otherwise we’re screwed.


Don’t hold your breath. An egomaniacal buffoon becoming President and trampling on womens’ rights, denying climate change, suppressing the media, being outright xenophobic in his immigration policies, promoting economic policies (such as a trade war with China) that will almost certainly trigger a recession, and generally demanding that other countries bow to America when conducting their affairs. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?


It’s pretty much a disaster now matter how you look at it. He has no idea what he’s doing. Things are going to become far worse. I’m expecting war in the years to come.


Open rebellion or it’s all gone soon.



You guys were right. All benefit of doubt should be gone by now. What the fuck just happened the past few days.


Day 10.



That’s some good reportin’



Today a lot of people were really bothered a USA and Brexit situation would repeat itself here, so anyone against the PVV voted. Voted for D66 myself.




Good for the Netherlands, but the true test will be France. I’m not worried about Germany. They have a strong progressive foundation to propel them in the right direction. France, on the other hand, is undergoing political chaos with Le Pen.


Looks like PVV got 20 seats, becoming the second largest party in the Netherlands.

A likely coalition would be: VVD, CDA, D66, CU