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I made that last post because I was wondering what sort of headerless programs/projects you Linuxy folks are running? Any other cool shit I can do with my RPi that’s controlled from the command line? :slight_smile:




I’ve been trying really, really hard to jump to Ubuntu on my laptop, but the dual video card situation makes it pretty rough. I wish I had gotten a single card in this guy. Linux isn’t handling the swap between the two as seamlessly as Windows; it takes a reboot to switch between them (Intel v. nVidia).

I have swapped to Bionic Beaver for my storage setup, though. :slight_smile:


I meant to post this a few weeks ago. A great tech read.


Hope they deliver.




Wild prediction time. Apple will roll out their own social media platform in the near future.


Why would people join it? Most of my friends use Android devices even if I prefer Apple’s products.


I don’t know but Apple hates Facebook and their security shenanigans.


Fewer people using Facebook is probably a good thing. Maybe an Apple social network could become a thing if they make it easy for people to sign up for it using other services.


As soon as it goes live register an account under a name of big football club and they’ll pay you beaucoup money to take the handle of off you.