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Humanity has pulled through worse. I was only scared when people decided to be assholes and hoard groceries. I don’t know how other countries are faring but supply and demand is not bad here.

Shout out to parents locked in their houses with the children they made.


No gatherings even under a 100 people until 1 June in The Netherlands. Groups 3 or more people who don’t keep the 1.5 meter distance will get fines from at least 400 euros per person.


strange fucking times my dudes


What a time to not have a graphics card in your pc.


You should always have a GPU in your PC man wtf is wrong with you


It died for my sins. I was waiting for the new batch this year. Not according to keikaku. That said, the couriers here are still working.


honestly surprised you haven’t picked up something cheap in the meantime


NVIDIA are going to have to do better. The performance jump between the old and new models is minuscule. A measly twenty frames at best.


ur 25 frames at best


What interim card should I get? I don’t want to spend more than a thousand kudos.


Idk what’s your broken card?


1070 ftw




That’s more than I care to spend though.


I just want the best for you brother. I want you to fully ascend.

But if if you must settle for less the 2070 Super seems to be by far the best price to performance card out there.


That’s probably the best option for me.


I’m still very happy with the performance of my GTX1080 Ti and I don’t see myself upgrading for years.


Well tbf unless you’re in search of the 4K/60fps holy grail the 1080ti is just a great fucking card.


Recently picked up a 2070 Super, and that’s been running great. I think my CPU/mobo/RAM need a refresh though.