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Learning by doing is the best way when it comes to development. The holy trinity of web development is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you want to do something more advanced you could also use languages like Python or Ruby.

Do you have a project in mind? It’s much easier to get work done if you have a problem you want to solve.


Not defined as of yet. I’m leaning towards creating a photography portfolio as my first project. I’ve seen enough of those to have a good idea of how they should work, but i don’t really know if they would be a hard thing to do or not. Something like Clarissa Bonet or Yukiao.

But i still don’t really know what tools to use to write and run code in my computer. I learned all that stuff in school but it’s long gone by now.


What operating system do you use?

A good start would be to make a basic HTML document in a text editor. You can view the result in your web browser.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>My First Heading</h1>

<p>My first paragraph.</p>



Windows 7… i forgot i could just use the note pad. I used to have a html file for archiving avatars and sources… it’s all coming back! I should do that again.


Install Notepad++ instead. It’s free and it will make your life easier.


Oooh, thanks!


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@chapel: I just had an interesting conversation about Node.js and websocket.io with one of the best programmers I know. Can you point me in the right direction if I want to learn how to seamless stream data between front and back end? A tutorial with some sample code would be perfect.

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So there are a lot of options for this, but it matters what your specific application would be.

Do you have any Javascript/Node.js experience? Any libraries you’ve used already?


I can write JavaScript if I have to and, but I have not real experience with using libraries. A crash course on Node.js would probably be a good start.


I would start with Nodeschool.io, there is a lot of information and good things to learn.

You should start with the core ones, and if any of the electives are interesting follow through with them. I can guide you as far as what to get into after the core ones if you’d like, but definitely start with the core ones.

I don’t see any specific to websockets, but tbh that is only a small part of using node, but it is a useful part. You would need to get used to everything else otherwise you might get overwhelmed.





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The short answer is: Don’t, if you can avoid it.




there are some incredibly good photos in there


thought you guys would be interested, Jonathan Blow has been creating his how language and doing streams of its development


lmao that photo is so good

i really like his voice, he is a really great talker and a joy to listen to