Post your desktop


It’s Tokyo.


well, as you’d expect, the controls are a minor nightmare

but, once you enhance your calm after 60 or so frustrating mishaps, it’s a riot. I only bought it because it was on sale on the play store though.


yes, lets. but where’s CC?


I just got the Nexus 6P and this thing is gorgeous.

And so damned fast. I love it. :slight_smile:


It looks great. I’m going to upgrade from Nexus 6 to 6P later this year.


I have a Nexus 6 as well. The 6P looks great, but it’s hard to justify the upgrade. What makes you want to upgrade?


My contract expires this year and I can pick a new phone.


Interesting, no carriers here sell the Nexus 6P (or 5X), you can only purchase it from Google directly. If I could get it from T-Mobile on their Jump plan I would get it no problem since it wouldn’t cost me any more than I am paying now.










What’s the app called that lets your take those shots?




Neat. Thanks. :slight_smile:



@chapel should I upgrade to Pixel from my 6P?


That’s hard for me to say. Really depends on your experience and what you like/dislike about the 6P and Android in general.

I came from the Nexus 6 so it was a worthwhile upgrade, but the 6P might not be as big of an upgrade on specs alone. Though from my own experience and seeing what other people are experiencing, the Pixel is one of the best Android experiences. Might think of it as the iPhone level experience for Android, where things just work and are smooth and snappy.

Battery life has been great, probably better than the 6P but only time will tell if it continues to stay good.

Overall I really like the phone and am happy with it.