Persona 5


I’m on media blackout for P5. I try to look at less of an upcoming game these days. I find it more enjoyable not knowing very much about it when I actually start to play it.



Thanks for reminding me to mute this.


Did I see that right at the beginning? Platinum helped out with the game?


The P is for P Studio. “P Studio is an Atlus subsidiary development team dedicated to the Persona franchise.


Oops, I almost forgot. Thanks Arch.



It’s getting stellar reviews from all over. Currently at 94.


Nothing particularly interesting except for the Japanese audio track, if you’re into that.


The dub is quite good, so I’m not sure which voice track I’d play the game in.


The English dubs in P3 and P4 are excellent so I’m going to go with that here too.


My copy shipped yesterday. Hopefully it will arrive before the weekend!



hypes maximum



Got it today! Starting it up tonight! Woo!




It’s fantastic! I’m only 1-2 hours in but so far I like absolutely everything about it. The writing and voice acting is top notch. The combat is exciting although not challenging yet (I’m still doing tutorial stuff). Music and presentation are both very stylish.