Persona 5


yep, FES for 3D environs and OG P4 for best Chie


Don’t many swear by P4 Golden? I don’t think P4 on the PS2 being the definitive version is a statement to make on behalf of everyone.


Is that the diner from Catherine?


I just noticed the male protagonists are wearing plaid pants. Get that hipster bullshit out of my Persona. :angry:

Persona 1 and 2 are more old school in Japanese RPG spirit and atmosphere, but still great games. If you want proper 3D graphics and style, I’d start with Persona 3, then Persona 4. You’ll have to play Persona 3 on PS2, but Persona 4 can be played on either PS2 or Vita.


Persona 3 is also available for PSP/Vita. I prefer the PS2 version.


@LabouredSubterfuge what do you think about Persona 5? I’d like to hear your thoughts.


golden is better ya, said that

chies voice is downgraded tho



I can’t make up my mind on if I can be bothered with it.

P4 didn’t really drag me in, save for reminding me to search for Chie hentai.


So no PS3 options?

I don’t have a PSP of any sort and haven’t had a PS2 in ages. I may just have to go through the GB endurance run instead.


You’ve got a decent PC right? Emulate.


Aren’t they released as PS2 classic on the PS3 store? Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga games certainly are.


Yep, both games are digital download for PS3. If I might add, it’s fun to discuss dialogue choices and battle strategies with someone else.


Want to play them on our TV, much easier with the PS3. Also going through the hassle of getting an emulator working is well a pain.


I just wanted to note that it’s not the same engine but it is artistically similar.


That’s cool. Yeah, I meant that it looks like Catherine.


This looks super cute but a little claustrophobic
I wouldn’t kick it out of bed.



is that izanagi? interesting


I don’t think it’s Izanagi. For one, Izanagi didn’t have that bangin’ cravat. And two, we defeated Izanami so why use Izanagi again?


Not typically a fan on cross platform releases, but since I’m not getting a PS4 anytime soon it’s AWESOME that it’s coming to PS3.