Not-yet-released games hype thread






The games tracker on Gamstat, which tracks everything that has been added to the PlayStation Store, has added covers for the rumored Resident Evil 3 remake, confirming its existence.









Thanks for posting all those trailers!

I will pick up a PS5 day one. Even though many of these games are very pretty, I don’t know which I will actually have time to play. The only must buy so far is Ratchet & Clank.

I also look forward about hearing more about PS Plus, PS Now, and VR.


These were some of the best.


those two and returnal were my favorite of the show


Ratchet, Oddworld & Returnal were my favorites.


Yes, Housemarque makes quality games. Returnal should be fun despite having less impressive graphics compared to the big studios’ games.


Really interested in seeing how replayability is. All their games are very “arcade” centric which I like so It might be cool to have some kinda endless third party action game. Outside of Apex I mainly play that kinda stuff now (shmups etc)


It’s a major departure for them but it feels genuine.


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