Movies seen over the weekend


First is one of the better ones. It’s just a super simple story, it’s more like a teaser for what comes later. The last two books are fucking awful, the sixth one especially but the seventh is not far behind. Which is crazy because I actually wept while reading parts of the fourth, my favorite.


Been watching the new Queer Eye. It’s been so beautiful, so far. Really soul healing stuff.


I started watching The Umbrella Academy now that Netflix has cancelled all of my favorite Marvel series. The first few episodes are really good.


Umbrella Academy was really enjoyable actually.


I liked it too


We got access to a third streaming service and now we’re also watching The Handmaid’s Tale. I need 26 hour days.


True Detective: Season 3 seeing through? I’m feeling the first episode.


its solid


Indeed. I wanted to see some weird shiet though.


Give it time.


Mahershala Ali was a great casting choice and I could watch him all day but the ending twist was weaksauce.


I do love the last shot though, of him going into the jungle.




I really enjoyed Doom Patrol and once I was done with that I moved on to Swamp Thing. Unfortunately it’s not nearly as good (I was fooled by its IMDB score). Now I’m halfway through the first season and I’ll probably power through the last episodes.


Swamp Thing over and now I’m onto Westworld. Best series I’ve seen in a long time.


Ooohhh yeess!!! We’ve got season 3 coming soon!!


The Sonic film is actually…good. What the hell


gonna just trust you on that one bro


Best videogame adaptation to date. There’s even an after credits scene which makes me giddy for more.


This is the finest solo project I’ve ever watched.