E3 2018


The Halo Infinite trailer was really pretty. Is it going to be another Destiny/Anthem?

The From Software game was quite ugly. Maybe it was because of the video stream.


Microsoft has acquired five studios. None of them will release new games anytime soon, but at least they’re showing that they are committed to making games for the next generation.


That looked pretty good, I’ll keep Dying Light 2 in my shopping cart.


Well, the idea is for it to be modern enough to satisfy both the classic and modern fans. I think the 32 bit era is a good compromise, plus, FF9 still has a great look to it in my eyes. The “super deformed” graphics look cleaned up.


DMC5, Seikiro, and Vesperia were the stand outs for me


RIP my sleep schedule.





I’m excited for all non-Fallout RPGs from Bethesda.



Mech America Great Again!

I put up a summary in the OP.


Fallout 76 actually got me hyped, I can’t wait for coop PvP Fallout.

Also gimme Blades ASAP pls


Edit: Well, that was quick! Unbelievable.




Spring 2019. I hope they have something for the second half of this year.





Not a positive impression. I will still play it, but my hype for it has decreased.